The Course

The course will start and finish at the same place on Al Qawasim Corniche, next to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The course takes an almost immediate left turn to head towards Al Nahda Street. Runners then turn left to the Al Shuhada roundabout with a gentle curve around to bring runners on to the south side of Khuzam Road (E11) and will continue until and turn right at the Ruler’s Palace (approx. 5km) and run along Khuzam Road past the Tower Links Golf Club where they will U-turn (approx. 7.5km) and return along the north side of Khuzam Road, past the Ruler’s Palace (9km) and turn right back onto the south side of Khuzam Road (E11) past RAK Mall (approx. 10.5km). Runners will then take a right turn onto Al Muntasir Road before doubling back around the roundabout and turning left at the traffic lights onto Khuzam Road (E11) (approx. 12km). At approximately 14.5km, runners will take a right turn to get back on Al Qawasim Corniche and run all the way down the corniche, under Al Hisn Bridge (approx. 18km) and u-turn on Al Khor Road before heading back to the Finish Line with a good final sprint (we hope!)


Once again the race course will have been measured by a Grade A Measurer of AIMS (Association of International Marathons & Distance Running) which will certify it as the correct international distance. The same measurer will also be in one of the lead vehicles during the race to ensure the correctly measured course is run.

Aid Stations

Water Stations and Sports Drink Stations will be located every 2.5km.

Medical Stations will be positioned every 5km and there will be toilet facilities at the Start & Finish point, 5km, 10km and 15km points.