Race Results

Here are the detailed results for the recent running race event. Congratulations to all participants for their excellent performances!

Marathon Results

RankNameTimeGenderAge Group
1John Doe2:09:45M30-39
2Mark Johnson2:10:22M25-29
3Luke Wilson2:11:05M35-39
4Jane Smith2:27:32F30-34
5Emily Green2:29:18F20-24

Half-Marathon Results

RankNameTimeGenderAge Group
1Michael Brown1:04:18M25-29
2David Green1:05:02M30-34
3Chris Blue1:06:15M35-39
4Laura Red1:15:45F30-34
5Sarah White1:16:30F25-29

10K Race Results

RankNameTimeGenderAge Group
1Robert Black29:50M20-24
2Steve White30:15M25-29
3Alan Green30:45M30-34
4Jessica Blue34:30F25-29
5Emma Brown35:20F20-24

5K Race Results

RankNameTimeGenderAge Group
1Daniel Grey14:32M20-24
2Paul Brown14:45M25-29
3Kevin Red14:58M30-34
4Sarah Blue16:05F25-29
5Anna White16:40F20-24

Age Group and Category Winners

Under 20 (M)Thomas Green15:20 (5K)
Under 20 (F)Maria Brown18:05 (5K)
20-29 (M)Michael Brown1:04:18 (Half-Marathon)
20-29 (F)Sarah White1:16:30 (Half-Marathon)
30-39 (M)John Doe2:09:45 (Marathon)
30-39 (F)Jane Smith2:27:32 (Marathon)
40-49 (M)Mark Blue31:05 (10K)
40-49 (F)Emma Red36:40 (10K)
50-59 (M)David White34:50 (10K)
50-59 (F)Laura Green38:20 (10K)
60+ (M)Kevin Black36:55 (10K)
60+ (F)Mary Blue42:10 (10K)