Team Relay Challenge

Any 4 people can make a Relay Team and each teamwill collectively run the 21.0975km i.e. approximately 5km each – see, not as bad as you thought!

Groups of friends
Work colleagues / departments

What are the benefits of building a team? 

  • Promote teamwork, social interaction and build morale. 
  • Promote health & fitness, reducing sickness and lost productivity. 
  • Compete for prizes and awards in different categories. 
  • Great visibility with team branded t-shirts, flags, banners etc
  • Show that your team, company or organization cares about helping charity. 
  • Create friendly competition between team members and other teams, managers and departments, students and faculty etc as you aim to outperform each other. Promote teamwork, bring together fellow employees, and build morale within your company. 
  • Line up at the Start Line with the world’s best runners. 
  • Profit from even more effective marketing by complementing your team’s participation with corporate sponsorship of the event. 

How to form a Relay Team 

  • Identify your team members, designate a Team Captain to liaise with the RAK Half Marathon organizers and create team T-shirts/caps – or fun costumes (TIP: print only on the back, your race number will be on the front!). 
  • Post announcements on your school / office bulletin board or send an email. Encourage new team members to join your team or form a new one. 
  • Have your team challenge another team of friends or colleagues – maybe another department in your company, another class at college or even Students V Faculty – either for race time or amount of money you can raise. You can form as many teams as you have participants for. 
  • Each team member can raise charitable pledges for each kilometer that his/her team completes. See our section ‘Run for Charity’
  • If running as a Company Team, inform your human resource department about your team. They can help get the word out by sending a company-wide email. Ask them to make an announcement in your organization’s newsletter and website or possibly a registration form in the pay check envelopes. Your HR department can continue to be a valuable resource throughout the process. 
  • Train as a team by scheduling weekly runs or walks. 
  • Remember, enthusiasm is contagious! Wear your team shirts/caps and boost team or company morale! That could also be a good day to collect more pledges and more team members. 
  • Talk with your company’s Public Relations team – they can utilize this event to get some great coverage for your company in industry and local media. 
  • Make sure all team members are aware of your meeting time and location for race day. 
  • Take your TEAM PHOTO before you start (for a memento, and for your company’s newsletter).

How does it work?

  • Each team member when registered will be assigned his/her running bib number (which will be emailed to the Team Captain only). 
  • The Team Captain only will receive the 4 Team Race Packets. You will find that each team member’s running bib number will have a different color background print which will identify their starting position. 
  • For example, the Team Captain will have a ‘green’ bib which will indicate they’ll be running the first leg of 0km-5km, another team member with a ‘blue’ bib will run the second leg from 5km-10km, the third team member with a ‘pink’ bib number will run the third leg from 10km-15km and the final team member will run with a ‘orange’ bib from 15km-the Finish line (6km.097m). IMPORTANT: Positions cannot be changed!
  • When you arrive at the Start Line on Race Day the Team Captain will line up with the half marathon runners while other team members will head towards the color coded buses that match their bib numbers and they will then be driven to their respective start points and dropped off.  The Team Captain is the first person to run and therefore the ChampionChip on a velcro ankle strap will be only in the Team Captain’s Race Packet, he or she must put the ankle strap ONLY around their ANKLE. The Team Captain will pass the ankle strap containing the ChampionChip on to the second runner at the 5km mark who will then run to the 10km mark and hand over the ankle strap to the next team member etc.   The final runner over the Finish line must be wearing their orange bib and be wearing their ankle strap with the timing chip to qualify.  Any finisher without the ankle strap, chip and orange bib will be disqualified and will not be eligible for a team time or prize money.  NOTE: ChampionChips NOT worn around the ankle will NOT record a time. Teams which miss having their timing recorded at every timing point will be disqualified from the results.
  • Sweep buses will follow the last runner around the course to pick up anyone who dropped out or wants a lift back to the Finish Line – ankle straps/ChampionChips will be collected upon boarding the bus and returned only after the race has finished.
  • NOTE: It is each runner’s responsibility to catch the right bus at the right time – no provision can be made for late arrivals so please try and travel as a team and get your Team Captain to coordinate getting you on the right bus!

For the rules on participating in the Team Relay Challenge, please see Rules of Participation