Run for Charity

Don’t just sweat it – do something about it!

Millions of people run in marathon races every year and raise millions of dollars for good causes. The RAK Half Marathon is YOUR opportunity to join them!

Simply ask your friends, relatives or colleagues to sponsor your run or sponsor someone who is running – it’s never been easier or more satisfying to get involved and help others!

We’ve got several charities who are affiliated to the RAK Half Marathon (that means we’ve checked them out and they’ve proved to us that they’re genuine and are operating legally in the UAE to raise money for charity).
All our affiliated charities have their own customized sponsorship form available to download and print (see ‘Sponsorship Forms’ button on the right).
Now all you have to do is register to run, choose the charity you wish to support and download and print their Sponsorship Form then start collecting sponsorship donations. You can fill as many forms as you like, the more money you raise, the more the charity benefits! See our ‘Fundraising Tips’ section from the menu on the right.

You want to raise money for a charity but they’re not listed as an affiliate?
Who you choose to raise money for is entirely up to you, please note however that we strongly urge you to contact your chosen charity directly, inform them what you want to do in their name and encourage them to contact us to become affiliated. It’s quick and free and open to all legally registered charities. 

Why should I run for an affiliated charity?
Transparency is crucial when raising money for charity. It’s important that everyone involved is trustworthy and doesn’t do anything to bring any harm or disrepute to the charity or the event. Charities work hard for people’s trust and they deserve to be respected for the work they do. People will be more likely to sponsor you if everything looks nice and official. Use our Sponsorship Forms, request a letter from your charity if necessary and always keep records of all payments received.

What to do with the collected money?
All Sponsorship Forms clearly indicate how to pay your collected money to the specific charity. It is likely that the charity will have a presence at the Race Expo before and during the race itself where it may be possible to deposit and hand in the funds you’ve raised. Please check with the charity in question before traveling with your money though! If in doubt, please email the Charity Coordinator
If you’ve raised money for The Official Race Charity, before or immediately after the race please send your completed form(s) and sponsorship money to Premier Marathons. Please write the word ‘charity’ on the back of the check and write the check number on your enclosed sponsorship form.
For more information, please email the Charity Coordinator

I’m a charity, how can I get affiliated?
Please see our ‘Guide for Charities’ link on the left.