Mary’s recent performance at the RAK Half Marathon in the UAE has set a new benchmark in the sport. With a start time of 7am, under the rising sun of the Hajjar Mountains, Mary clocked an impressive 1:05:50, surpassing the previous world record by 35 seconds. This record was previously held by an athlete from 2007 during the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in Italy. In addition to winning the first-place prize of $25,000, Mary also earned a $50,000 bonus for breaking the world record. This victory boosts her confidence ahead of the Virgin London Marathon on April 17th.

Performance Breakdown

Mary’s historic sub-66-minute time included the following splits:

  • 5km: 15:18
  • 10km: 30:45
  • 15km: 46:40
  • 10 miles: 50:05
  • 20km: 1:02:26
  • Finish: 1:05:50

Her performance was characterized by resilience and precise pacing, achieving world bests at multiple splits along the course. Despite a slight measurement anomaly at the 12km mark, her overall performance remained unmatched.

Men’s Race Highlights

The men’s race saw impressive performances as well, with the winner clocking 59:25. Despite his early lead, the winner’s initial pace proved too ambitious, impacting his performance in the latter stages of the race. However, he still managed to secure victory, marking his seventh sub-60 half marathon finish.

Top Ten Results


  1. Winner – 59:25
  2. Runner-up – 59:45
  3. Third Place – 59:52 PB
  4. Fourth Place – 1:00:10
  5. Fifth Place – 1:00:40
  6. Sixth Place – 1:01:28
  7. Seventh Place – 1:02:03
  8. Eighth Place – 1:02:04
  9. Ninth Place – 1:02:23 PB
  10. Tenth Place – 1:02:58 PB


  1. Mary – $25k + $50k WR – 1:05:50 (WR)
  2. Runner-up – 1:08:52
  3. Third Place – 1:08:57
  4. Fourth Place – 1:09:04
  5. Fifth Place – 1:09:11
  6. Sixth Place – 1:09:35
  7. Seventh Place – 1:10:02 Debut
  8. Eighth Place – 1:10:41
  9. Ninth Place – 1:11:14
  10. Tenth Place – 1:13:45


Mary’s achievements have garnered widespread acclaim, including awards for her world record performance. These accolades are on display at the AIMS Marathon Museum of Running in Berlin, Germany, celebrating her contributions to the sport. Paco Lopez, President of AIMS, expressed profound sadness over the loss of an extraordinary athlete, emphasizing her legacy in marathon running.

This milestone at the RAK Half Marathon underscores the event’s reputation for producing fast times and attracting top talent, continuing to grow in popularity and prestige.

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