Which Betting Companies Back Marathons, in South Africa?

Several betting companies in South Africa actively support marathons and other running events through sponsorships betting options and promotional activities. Here are some of the known companies involved;

  1. Hollywoodbets
    Hollywoodbets is widely recognized in South Africa for its participation in sports events, including marathons. They frequently sponsor running events. Offer betting markets for marathons playing a significant role in promoting the sport.
  2. Betway
    Betway, a player in the African betting industry offers a range of sports betting options that include marathons. Their support for sports initiatives and events has made them an important part of the marathon community.
  3. Sportingbet
    Sportingbet provides coverage of sports betting markets, including marathons and other long distance running events. Their sponsorship of sports events contributes to promoting marathon running in the area.
  4. Lottostar
    Although primarily known for lottery and gaming services Lottostar also backs sports events such as marathons through sponsorships and promotions. Their involvement helps raise awareness and support, for events.
  5. Sunbet
    Sunbet offers a range of betting markets, including those related to marathons.
    They support competitions and present chances, for sports fans to place bets, which aids in the backing and advancement of marathons in South Africa.
  6. World Sports Betting (WSB)
    WSB is a known bookmaker that provides betting choices for marathons and other sports. Renowned for their sponsorships and assistance at sporting gatherings WSB contributes to boosting the popularity and prosperity of marathons.

These bookies not provide betting selections. Also play a vital part in endorsing and backing marathon events through sponsorships and collaborations. Their engagement enriches the experience for runners and onlookers making marathons, in South Africa more thrilling and attended occasions.

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